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well hello all fans and whatchers of this incredible   knowing website  so for this time i m going to describe tgeheadphone is, like its wired counterpart, crafted with emphasis on quality and attention to detail and complements the much appreciated qualities of its predecessor with wireless freedom. jays Wireless connects to your device using Bluetooth and offers a hassle-free wireless user experience with manh hours of playback and full-feature touch controls. The touch area allows the user to tap and swipe through their favorite songs at ease and also features a lock that secures the controls to avoid unintentional interruption. “The market is transforming and wireless was the natural next step for us. We are happy to present jays Wireless and believe that we have created an outstanding wireless experience, and look forward to see the customer response” says CEO Rune Torbjörnsen. jays Wireless is currently in pre-production and is expected to ship by the end of the year. Like the wired version, u-JAYS Wireless comes in combinations  of black or white and silver or gold.

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