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hello , for a while , i m going to describe the outfit down up which contained my clothes accessories ...well i ll start by the first description , the black  " hat " with the open key inside great and attractive,  let's move now to cloths , as you see the white "shirt" with the symbol of the most old actress knowingly (marilyn monro) with the tricks on her and laces everywhere more the colour smoking brown has had given a wonderful look , beside , the light grey "sunglasses " are bigger on her design stunning and also modern it s the last glasses fashion ...and last and not least the dark brown Bag near such you can wear it in your back and also take it over your hand , for baggage traveling and journey aether, finally the price is suitable nearly of those iteams especially with the reduction now so do not miss it , you just have to check in the website and search for what you need , just enjoy and you do not regret!

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