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So I was recently hired to shoot an new detail about my next street shootout, well as you see the pieces below which every piece is from different mark or actually website for example i ll start by the shoes from "lightinthebox" in chocolate brown and mixed yellow golden is so chic classical and modern also , it could be wearing with everything and thnig more importance is the price isn't expensive cuz there is a reduction so just go and profit, quality aether size and can just check out for more information, secondly the open brown hat from "ecuaandinohats" with the small file around ...for both sexes and all season, and last and not least the watch from "thefifthwatches" i have already described it but i still want to cuz it s so attractive and qualitatively also the sunglasses from "rigatoeyewear" all in black for men simple and corrective, finally wish u like my description and go discover the websites and find out more interesting things

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