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hello everybody,  today i m gonna speak about my awesomeness  outfits , firstly i wanna thanks the (sheindre) and the (sammydress) websites   for sending me those cloths , by the way i ll start by the blue jeans jacket which it from *sheindre* i really like her design especially the cutting on the hands part , we can also wear it in cold season  time . anyway this wonderful jacket could be wearing also with girls and not just for boys , so secondly the grey hight shoes are so stylish and  great firstly the color is so much good and the way it design too had given a infernal beauty you just have to know which kind of cloths you should wear with , and the important thing of both of those things (jacket&shoes) is the price , so this ones are not expensive at all , and last and not least i advice you to have a look on those websites and be lucky too to buy this as i did 

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